Commercial Chinaware Porshelina


Benefits of Porshelina Commercial Chinaware


  • Stronger, greater durability
  • Lighter, beautifully elegant china
  • Whiter, makes porcelain look grey
  • Translucent chinaware
  • Bone China without the bone content
  • Made from seashells no bone content
  • Enviromentally friendly


Beautiful, award-winning, eco-friendly shell-china tableware made naturally by the sea



Porshelina is something completely new to the high-end global tableware arena.

Never before has such exquisite, fine chinaware been crafted from seashells deposited on beaches by the world's ocean tides. It comes in a clean, stunning white glazed finish, is highly durable and light in weight. Its fine elegant shapes semi-translucent as bone china.

Porshelina is perfect for any dining occasion, whether in the finest restaurant or for domestic home use.

When compared to conventional bone china, Porshelina ticks all the boxes; primarily it has no bone content, it is FDA approved, dishwasher and microwave safe, environmentally-friendly and it has a much nicer story to tell. So now, whether you are cooking professionally, or simply want something special to use at home, you can choose a very high-quality and perhaps quite romantic tableware product, which comes from a harmless, abundant and completely natural resource - the sea.


Award Winning Chinaware


Porshelina is winning friends around the world, gaining numerous accolades and awards; a featured product at Shanghai ( World ) Expo, then, presented by the Chinese leader, President Hu Jintao, to US President Barak Obama at the White House. The following year, voted winner of the prestigious ITCA Gold Mercury award in Abu Dhabi.

For the future, the world is our oyster, or perhaps we should say, seashell.

Porshelina fine shell porcelain has recently been launched in the United Kingdom and other countries will follow shortly.


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Porshelina delivers a finer more beautiful product with a greater lifetime performance.